The Space Between Us | Limited Edition Vinyl

‘The Space Between Us’ Limited edition double LP

Craig Armstrong’s debut solo album “The Space Between Us” is released on vinyl for the very first time on Friday 15th September. The exclusive 180g double vinyl pressing contains 2 tracks, “Io Canto” and “MacKenzie” which were only originally available on the 2CD Special Edition of the album. The vinyl comes with a digital download voucher.

The album was originally released in 1998 and features vocal contributions from Elizabeth Fraser of The Cocteau Twins and Paul Buchanan from The Blue Nile, as well as the original version of “Weather Storm” with Massive Attack and the ballad “Balcony Scene” taken from Romeo + Juliet.


“I look back at the The Space Between Us album with very fond memories.
At the time I had been doing a lot of work playing piano and arranging orchestra for massive Attack’s Protection album. Which for me was such a great experience as I was such a fan of their work.
When Marc Picken and Massive Attack asked me to be an artist on their new label Melankolic, it was really unexpected but led to such a fantastic musical experience for me.
At the time I was working with Baz Luhrmann on Romeo and Juliet so the combination of this and my work with Massive Attack was a special creative and collaborative period in my career.
In The Space Between Us I wanted to mix my influences in classical , trip hop and electronica.
What I find really touching is that so many young musicians come up to me and say what a great influence this album was for them. And it’s amazing after all these years that it’s still played around the world.
I hope you enjoy this vinyl as much as I did making it.”

–Craig Armstrong