Mono Rail film club

Craig has been asked to guest at Glasgow Film Theatre’s Mono Rail film club. He has chosen the film ‘The Shout’ for a screening on 30th May 2010.

Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski’s film is a strange, disturbing and elusive tale of a mental patient, Alan Bates, who, having once lived with a tribe of Aborigines, has learned the secret of ‘the shout’, which has the power to kill. Told in flashback during a cricket match that takes place on the grounds of a mental asylum, the film follows Bates’s relationship with experimental composer Hurt and his wife, York. Bates moves in with the couple, and gradually his disturbing presence takes its toll.

Selected by Glasgow-based composer, Craig Armstrong. Craig originally studied composition and piano and is probably best known for award-winning film scores and his arrangement work for Massive Attack. He is currently working in his own studio on a new album. He is a fan of both the film and Tony Banks’s soundtrack.

Join the film club after the screening in Café Cosmo.

Monorail Film Club are now on their summer holidays – but don’t worry they’ll be back in September.

Screening Sunday 30 May (7.15)

Mono Rail film club