Eilean – a concert commission with AGF

Eilean – Premiered at the Old Fruitmarket September 23rd September 2011 as part of the Labyrinth of Sound Event.

A new performance work created by Craig Armstrong and AGF.
Craig and Antye met by chance over ten years ago. In the spirit of UNESCO they have created a work in celebration of their long standing creative collaboration.
Antye hails originally from Berlin but now lives on the island of Hailuoto in Finland and Craig is from Shettleston in Glasgow.

‘Eilean’ the title of the work means for them many shared ideas. Any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water can be described as an island. This collaboration explores musically the mystic and the imaginary of being an island and as a human being.

Craig has collected samples from around Scotland and composed for the piano, the collaboration with Antye features digital treatment, voice and visuals.

All images courtesy of Antye Greie