World Trade Center

World Trade Center

Recorded in Los Angeles, Craig Armstrong’s epic score to World Trade Center (2006, Paramount Pictures) marked the first time he would work for acclaimed director Oliver Stone.

Stone cast Nicolas Cage as New York Port Authority worker John McLoughlin in this true story of the heroic rescuers who were last to be unearthed from the debris of the Twin Towers after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

Armstrong began work on the music at his base in Glasgow after reading the script for the first time, before travelling to LA to record a full orchestra at Twentieth Century Fox Studios’ legendary Newman Stage. The pan-Atlantic connections remain in the film’s album, which features a moving solo from Scottish Ensemble cellist Alison Lawrance.

Paramount Pictures

Album tracks

1World Trade Center Cello Theme
2World Trade Center Piano Theme
3New York Awakes
4The Drive Downtown
5Rise Above The Towers
6World Trade Center Choral Piece
7John & Donna Talk About Their Family
9John’s Woodshed
10Marine Arrives At Ground Zero
11Will and Allison in the Hospital
12Allison At The Stoplight
13Jimeno Sees Jesus
14John and Will Found / Will Ascends
15John’s Apparition
16John Rescued / Resolution
18Ethereal Piano Coda

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