The Quiet American

The Quiet American

Starring Michael Caine, The Quiet American (2002) is a dramatisation of the seminal Graham Greene novel, depicting the febrile surroundings of 1950s Saigon as it struggles to emerge from colonial rule.

For the composer, such expectation meant hours of absorption in the traditional music of Vietnam to come up with music that fitted both time and place. ‘You just immerse yourself psychologically in it,’ Armstrong says. ‘It’s almost like method acting. The score blends East and West because they are inseparable: similar to what was on screen.’ As part of the score, Armstrong co-wrote Nothing In This World (A song for Phuong) with acclaimed Vietnamese singer Hong Nhung. The score went on to win both Ivor Novello and American Film Institute awards.

Directed by Phillip Noyce
Miramax Films

Album tracks

1The Quiet American
2Saigon 1952
3Pyle’s Best Friend / Asking For A Divorce
4Drive Up Holy Mountain / The General
5Brothers In Arms
6Escape From Watchtower / Dreams Of Phuong
7Death In The Square
Fowler’s Temptation
9The Quiet American
10The Ritual Of Revenge
11Do You Still Miss Him?
12End Titles (Nothing In This World)

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