The Lost Songs of St Kilda – Scottish Festival Orchestra

Craig Armstrong was delighted to be asked to take part in this very special project earlier this year along with James MacMillan, Francis Macdonald, Rebecca Dale and Christopher Duncan.

Craig created two complementary new works based on the original composition performed by Trevor Morrison:  Stac Lee – ‘Dawn’ and ‘Dusk’ – the elegiac quality of the music left a physical impression.

“ I found the original piano recordings to be both beautiful and haunting and it was a very easy flight of imagination as a composer to want to continue the story from these forgotten songs, the atmosphere of what it would have been like to be living on St Kilda and the history of this very special place.”

Craig Armstrong

Recorded with the Scottish Festival Orchestra in Glasgow. The album is now released on Decca Records.

Album tracks

1Traditional: Hirta
2Traditional: Soay
3Traditional: Boreray
4Traditional: Dùn
5Traditional: Stac an Armin
6Traditional: Stac Lee
7Traditional: Levenish
Traditional: Stac Dona
9Traditional: Soay (arr. Rebecca Dale)
10Traditional: Stac Lee (Dawn / arr. Craig Armstrong)
11Traditional: Stac Lee (Dusk / arr. Craig Armstrong)
12Traditional: Stac Dona (arr. Christopher Duncan)
13Traditional: Dùn (arr. Francis Macdonald)
14Traditional: Hirta (arr. James MacMillan)