The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is one of the best-loved characters from Marvel Comics, and this 2008 version starring Edward Norton, presented Armstrong with his first action film score since 2001.

The composer was drawn to work with director Louis Leterrier (Clash of the Titans, The Transporter) because of a childhood passion for the big green superhero. Armstrong said of the project: ‘It’s a wee bit different for me because I’m not very well known for my action movies, but because as a kid I was such a fan of Marvel and The Incredible Hulk I decided to do it.’

On its release by Universal Pictures the movie saw box office grosses of over 260 million dollars worldwide, with a double score album hitting the global charts. Armstrong went on to win an ASCAP Award for his score.

Marvel / Universal

Album tracks

Disc 1

1The Arctic
2Main Title
3Rocinha Favela
4A Drop of Blood
5The Flower
6Ross’ Team
7Mr. Blue
Favela Escape
9It Was Banner
10That Is the Target
11Bruce Goes Home
12Ross and Blonsky
13Return to Culver University
14The Lab
16The Data/The Vial
17They’re Here
18Give Him Everything You’ve Got
19Bruce Can’t Stay
20First Injection
21Is it Safe?
22Hulk Theme

Disc 2

1Saved from the Flames
3Arrival at the Motel
4I Can’t
5Abomination Alley
6Bruce Found
7Bruce Looks for the Data
NYC Cab Ride
9The Mirror
10Sterns’ Lab
11Bruce Darted
12I Want It, I Need It
13Blonsky Transforms
14Bruce Must Do It
15Harlem Brawl
16Are They Dead?
17Hulk Smash
18Hulk and Betty
19A Tear
20Who’s We?
21The Necklace
22Bruce and Betty
23Hulk Theme (End Credits)

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