The Dolls

‘In the beginning there was solo music. Interest in music. Three different persons, all of them music admirers and explorers, eventually somehow met and became friends…’

Craig Armstrong first met AGF, aka German artist and singer Antye Greie, after asking her to sing on his 2002 album As If To Nothing. The pair became friends and when Finnish electronica pioneer Vladislav Delay (also known as Luomo) heard them perform, he joined forces – leading to a three-way collaboration, The Dolls (2005, Huume).

After the release of their eponymous album, which famously saw a Steinway piano being given a digital once-over at Delay’s Berlin studio, the trio played Portugal’s Serralves Festival and Glasgow’s Triptych Festival to a rapturous reception.

Album tracks

1Martini Never Dries
2White Dove
3Soul Skin
4The Dolls
5Night Active
8Collect The Blue
10Motor City
11Favourite Chord