The Clearing

The Clearing

Starring movie heavyweights Robert Redford, Helen Mirren and Willem Dafoe, 20th Century Fox thriller The Clearing (2004) is the tale of a well-to-do family picked apart by a calculated kidnapping.

Director Pieter Jan Brugge (producer of Miami Vice and Heat) lets the action unfold around a mature and atmospheric soundtrack from Armstrong. The score, written by the composer in Glasgow, includes a performance of the film’s main theme from world-renowned violinist Clio Gould, who is currently leader of the London Sinfonietta.

20th Century Fox

Album tracks

1The Clearing Main Theme (Version One)
2Arnold Gets Dressed
3Arnold On His Way
4Wayne, Please Don’t Be Late
5Arnold Kidnaps Wayne
6The Clearing Main Theme (Version Two)
7The Journey Into The Forest
A Cigarette Break
9Do You Know Louise Miller?
10Have Always Had That Mustache
11I Love My Wife
12Tim Yells At Fuller
13Wayne’s Cell Phone Rings
14I Love Him And She Admires Him
15At The Stream
16It’s Blood
17Wayne Makes A Run For It
18She’s On The Move
19Stop Here Please
20You Need A Sign Of Life
21Don’t Forget The Trash
22The Interrogation
23Wayne’s Murder
24I Have Everything I Need
25The Clearing Main Theme (Version Three)

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