Recorded in London in autumn 2015 with the London Sinfonietta, Craig Armstrong has recorded his score for Oliver Stone’s latest film, Snowden.  This is the fourth time Armstrong and Stone have worked together following on from the Untold History of the United States in 2013.

Snowden is a politically charged thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as former CIA employee Edward Snowden, the controversial figure who exposed the shocking scope of the American government’s sanctioned surveillance activities of dubious legality all around the world. Co-written and directed by Oliver Stone, the film portrays the real-life escapades of Snowden and how he eluded the U.S. government’s grasp in collecting – and then leaking to the media – a vast trove of secret and incriminating documents from America’s spy agencies, before eventually finding sanctuary in Russia.

The film’s soundtrack plays an integral role in establishing the taut atmosphere of intrigue, personal risk, and dangerous geo-political tension which permeates the narrative of Snowden from beginning to end.

Release date 16th September 2016.

Album tracks

1Hotel Mira
2Whatever Happened To Paradise?
3Burden Of Truth
4SD Cards
5Hawaii Guitar Theme
6Running Out Of Time
7After All. Three Hops To Anyone
Happiness Montage
9Ed Copies Data (Secret Downloading Variation)
10Telling Lindsay
11Download To Rubik
12Secret Downloading (Boys Noize Remix 2)
13Ed Is On TV
14Snowden Moscow Variation

Film trailer