Ray attracted a slew of awards following its 2004 release, including an Oscar for its lead Jamie Foxx, and a nomination for Best Picture. The biopic tells the story of blues icon Ray Charles as he deals with the blindness and drug addiction that dogged his career.

For Armstrong, the chance to score for Ray was ‘an honour’ that meant as much as the awards he would go on to receive for the work.

‘I realised I had to do something that respected Ray’s compositions, but that existed in its own space,’ he says. Using classical and gospel influences, Armstrong added solo gospel voices to create a score that sits sympathetically alongside the Ray Charles canon. He adds: ‘Ray’s is a really amazing story, and I think Taylor has told it in a very beautiful way.’

Album tracks

1Ray’s Theme
2Della’s Theme
3Ray Learns To Listen
4Dreams Of Ray I
5Remember Your Promise
6Water In The Hallway
7Ray’s Theme / Piano
George Drowns
9First Hit
10Ray And Della
11Ray Sings To Della
12Dreams Of Ray II
13Ray Leaves Della Behind
14Heroin In Bed
15Della Kisses Her Baby
16Places You Don’t Wanna Go
17Ray Leaves Mother
19Alone In The Dark
20Dreams Of Ray III
21Marge’s Death
24Ray’s Hymn
25Ray’s Hymn Quintet
26End Credits

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