The Lady From The Sea

Scottish Opera have commissioned a new work from Craig Armstrong to be premiered on the 29th August at Edinburgh International Festival 2012.

Ellida, the daughter of a lighthouse-keeper, lives a narrow life with a husband several years her senior. Full of longing for the sea and for a freedom she does not have, she is shaken from her lethargy when the unexpected arrival of a mysterious stranger creates a storm that threatens to submerge the whole family. He offers an escape from the stifling world she inhabits, and Ellida must decide whether to do her duty or answer the call of the sea…

This re-telling of Ibsen’s darkly beautiful drama unites Craig Armstrong and award winning author Zoë Strachan. Though both have produced work for Five:15 – Operas Made in Scotland, this is the first time they have worked together.

The Lady From The Sea will be conducted by Derek Clark. The opera has been directed by Harry Fehr, stage design by Yannis Thavoris and features film by the video designer Finn Ross.