Nocturnes Music For 2 Pianos

“I composed Nocturnes during 2020 and into the beginning of 2021. As it was impossible to work with other musicians during that time, I decided to work on a piano-based record. I wanted to write for two pianos because of the many possibilities of textures and emotion that piano duets could create. Of course, without being able to work with another pianist I had to record both piano parts myself.

Like a lot of people during the last year, I found it hard to sleep and as a result started to write the music in the small hours of the morning.
After writing the first four compositions, this established the sound and feel for the rest of the record. Nocturnes are generally reflective and contemplative and my own nocturnes were written in the same spirit.

I hope you enjoy these compositions which, although at times are reflective they also, I believe, have a sense of hope for the future.”

Craig Armstrong


Album tracks

1Nocturne 1
2Nocturne 2
3Nocturne 3
4Nocturne 4
5Nocturne 5
6Nocturne 6
7Nocturne 7
Nocturne 8
9Nocturne 9
10Nocturne 10
11Nocturne 11
12Nocturne 12
13Nocturne 13
14Nocturne 14

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Artists: Craig Armstrong
Release Date: 3rd September 2021
Modern Recordings
Format: Digital
, Vinyl and CD