Love Actually

Love Actually

Love Actually, directed by Richard Curtis and starring an award-winning ensemble cast, quickly became one of the world’s favourite romantic comedies for its depiction of intertwining London love stories.

For Armstrong, the film represented the first opportunity to write music for this genre, and his score has become as well-loved as the film itself. Part of it was written in Portugal, creating the theme for the romance that blossoms between Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz. But perhaps the best-known is Glasgow Love Theme, which follows the unrequited attempt by Mark (Andrew Lincoln) to win the heart of Juliet (a young Keira Knightley).

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Album tracks

1Opening Titles (From The Motion Picture “Love Actually”)
2Christmas Is All Around (Montage)
3First Day
4Natalie With Tea Trolley
5In Love With Karl
6Sam’s Bedroom
7On The Bench
I’m In Love
9Total Agony
10Saucy Minx / Aurelia Arrives
11Bad Policies
12Discovery Of Kiss / Press Conference
13Croissants In France
14The Lake Scene
15Saddest Part Of Day
16Glasgow Love Theme
17PM Redistributes Natalie
18Jamie Leaves Aurelia
19Sarah & Karl Go Wrong
20Karen In Bed
21Harry & Mia
22Wrapping The Necklace
23Natalie On The Stairs
24Natalie At The School
25Natalie Revealed / Karen Confronts Harry
26Joanna Drives Off
27Sam & Joanna
28Portuguese Love Theme
29Christmas Is All Around (Film Version)
31Restaurant Band
32PM’s Love Theme
33Christmas Is All Around (Soundtrack Version)

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