Best Laid Plans

For Best Laid Plans, a 1999 thriller directed by Mike Barker, Craig Armstrong created a brooding soundtrack to reflect the intrigue and tension of the plot.

The film starred a young Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde) Alessandro Nivola (Coco before Chanel) and Josh Brolin (True Grit, American Gangster) in a story of sex, money and ever-widening webs of deception.

Directed by Mike Barker
20th Century Fox


  1. 1. Lissa (Craig Armstrong)
  2. 2. Twisted Mess (Neneh Cherry)
  3. 3. Twisted Love Theme (Craig Armstrong)
  4. 4. Father & Son (Craig Armstrong)
  5. 5. Flowers in December (Mazzy Star)
  6. 6. Why Can't He Be You (Patsy Cline)
  7. 7. Best Laid Plans (Craig Armstrong)
  8. 8. Look on Down From The Bridge
  9. 9. Angel (Massive Attack)
  10. 10. Worried Eyes - Tropico Mix (Eagle Eye Cherry)
  11. 11. Tijuana Lady (Gomez)
  12. 12. Lissa Montage (Craig Armstrong)
  13. 13. End Titles (Craig Armstrong)
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